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California Immigration Compliance Attorneys

Immigration compliance is of critical importance to businesses that employ immigrant and nonimmigrant workers. Failure to maintain proper records can result in not only substantial fines, but debarment from participating in immigration programs such as H-1B and PERM.

At Global Immigration Partners in the Los Angeles area, we work closely with employers in California and nationwide to ensure that they are fully compliant. The services that we offer include assisting with:

  • Self-audits of current files and records
  • Remediating deficient records
  • Creating and implementing best practices
  • Training staff

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience handling these matters. Many of our clients are employers that retain us for all of their immigration needs. We take pride in these long-term relationships, and we work hard to make certain that the employers we work with are positioned for success with compliant immigration practices.

Avoid Massive Fines

Immigration compliance is an increasingly important issue for employers. In the past, the government has not put much effort into auditing employers. That has changed. It is not unusual any longer to see seven-figure fines imposed. More significantly, for public companies, there are Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank considerations. We are also seeing shareholder suits when the value of a company's stock has been diminished as a result of a fine involving I-9 violations. All of this can be easily avoided with the help of our lawyers.

Fines are not the only issue. Having us onboard to address immigration matters means that an employer can focus on more important aspects of the business. Furthermore, our help works to build positive relationships between employer and employee, which is good for the business as a whole.

Discuss Employment Immigration Compliance For Free

To discuss the possibility of representation or to learn more about how we can help with employers with immigration compliance, call 800-317-3651 or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation. Our law office is located in Calabasas, California.