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California Employment-Based Visa Attorneys

One of the methods by which immigrants become lawful permanent residents of the United States is known as employment-based immigration. This process involves demonstrating that the applicant has valuable work skills that will benefit the country.

In most cases, the foreign national requires sponsorship by an employer. There are a few exceptions that allow individuals to apply on their own. At the Los Angeles area law firm of Global Immigration Partners, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping employers and individuals with employment-based visas. Clients from throughout California and nationwide turn to us for efficient and successful immigration services.

There are three primary types of immigrant work visas:

We assist with all employment-based visas.

I-140 Petitions And Beyond

All employment-based immigrants must file, or have filed on their behalf, an immigrant preference petition (form I-140). Approval of this petition is significant for several reasons: It perfects the applicant's priority date, it confirms the applicant's immigrant preference classification and it makes the applicant eligible to apply for immigrant status as soon as his or her priority is current.

Unless and until an I-140 petition has been approved, the beneficiary of the petition only has an expectation of a specific priority date. After the I-140 petition has been approved, the priority date vests and the employee owns it forever, unless it is revoked by the USCIS for fraud or mistake. If an employer withdraws an approved I-140, the beneficiary remains entitled to that priority date for all subsequently filed I-140 petitions for any job, by any employer, and in any of the first three employment-based preferences.

In many cases, a person with an established employment-based preference priority date (such as an EB-3 beneficiary) will want to upgrade to a higher preference classification. This may be possible, depending upon the unique facts and circumstances presented.

Our lawyers are available to assist with all stages of the employment-based immigration process, from determining the specific type of EB visa to apply for to completing and submitting an I-140 petition and beyond. We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure that their needs are understood and met with the correct immigration option.

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