Will I get charged each time I contact you?
No, absolutely not. We do not charge our clients when we take phone calls or...

May I change lawyers in the middle of a case?Yes you may. You have the right to change lawyers at any time if you feel uncomfortable.


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At Global Immigration Partners in Calabasas, California, our attorneys and staff have been providing comprehensive immigration solutions for more than 30 years. In that time, we have built many long-term relationships with clients nationwide.

There For Our Clients Whenever They Need Us

We earn the trust of the businesses and individuals we serve by being there for them when we are needed and responding with situation-specific immigration solutions. Our clients are confident in returning to us any time they encounter an immigration-related challenge.

The businesses we serve return to us whenever they need help bringing employees onboard from other countries or whenever they have concerns about compliance with immigration laws. They frequently refer their colleagues to us as well. Furthermore, it is not unusual for employees whose entry into the United States we have assisted with to come to us for help gaining citizenship or bringing their relatives into the country. More than anything else, we consider these long-standing, trusted relationships proof of our success.

We believe in proactive representation. We strive to be the fence at the top of the cliff for our clients, rather than the ambulance at the bottom.

Efficient Solutions Through Technology

Other than our commitment to superior client service and our work ethic, nothing about our firm can be described as old-fashioned. We remain at the forefront of the technology used to enhance law firm practices in general, as well as technology specific to immigration law. Technology allows us to focus less on processes and more on meeting our clients' needs. It allows us to optimize efficiency and thus keep costs down for our clients.

An Immigration Law Firm With A Worldwide Reach

Immigration law is not a local practice. To be successful, a law firm needs to have a worldwide reach. On any given day, our lawyers may be representing a California-based or New York-based business with branches throughout the United States in the business's quest to bring in IT professionals or other skilled workers from India, Canada and other countries. Throughout the process, we are able to maintain communication with our client, regardless of where the client is located. Always, personal attention is at the forefront.

A Team You Can Trust

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Our team also features experienced paralegals and staff.

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